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The word, Jyutsu from the Japanese and Chinese (术), broadly means Art or Technique. It reflects the artistic, crafting skills in every aspects of our human endeavour.

The Jyutsu team is crafted (November 2012)with the outward visions to explore in collaborative spirit to focus on meaningful, sustainable ways for solving or addressing our pressing problems.

Why Agile Data Services?

We pride ourselves in delivering agile data processing services and solutions for our customers.

The word ‘agile’ is fairly well used and described in the software communities. Lately, the word ‘agile’ has appeared in the business world with Steve Denning’s principles of radical management, and how organizations become agile enough to delight their customers and become hugely profitable.

Our first encounter with an approach or methodology, which closely aligns with our world view, comes from the DSDM consortium back in 1997. Although the word ‘agile’ was not in vogue then, we found that the DSDM principles were agile or flexible enough for the complex IT projects that we were exposed to.
Now in the 21st century, the DSDM has also adopted ‘agile’ into their approaches and in particular:-

Agile methods and, ultimately, recognizes people who:

Deliver on time

Have predictable results

Reduce risk

Generate more business value with less time and fewer resources

Jyutsu approach is agile as we recognize people as not only an asset to value but also that we are human beings with diversities of values and concerns.

The excerpts appearing on the above images are taken (with permission) from The Tao Te Ching, translated by Brian Browne Walker.