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Our Philosophy


Delivering IT Consultancy and Training Services Holistically

We value agile collaboration as being the natural way forward for win-win solutions.

Our primary aim is to bring back the human touch, visually and holistically, on the business interactions where technology and complex data processing are involved.

We believe technology is only relevant and truly beneficial when data is openly available to all.

We believe that data i.e. personal, commercial/transaction and open data, has intrinsic value placed by their prospective owners. We recognise that appropriate handling of data needs to take into consideration not only the legal/regulatory environment but most importantly the environmental, ethical and social aspects attached to data.

We strive to create and maintain an ecosystem of social-tech partners/collaborators that share our passions and goals.

Where our philosophy fits?

We offer boutique (tailored to your special needs) professional services, including training and support for small, medium or micro businesses (SMEs), and any enterprises or organisations looking for personalised services.

We deal with the challenges in IT or Data Governance, Risk and Compliance with our agile approaches for data processing.

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