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Hire an arbitrator or a ‘private judge’

What Parties can expect from Cher as a private judge

When Parties want some control of the process (procedure) and for various complex reasons need a neutral person to render solutions, and most importantly have their disputes kept private and confidential, and or maintain their relationships harmoniously during and beyond the disputes.

Parties need a private judge, someone who has the knowledge and experiences to deal with the various complex reasons surrounding the disputes. Also, a private judge will ensure that the parties’ wishes and needs are factored into the procedure and such that the rendering of the decision will be binding for the parties.

If the parties decided that a ‘Go-Between’ is not suitable maybe because their disputes involve complex elements e.g. different cultural backgrounds, different jurisdictions and or complex business or technical aspects. Maybe a ‘Go-Between’ is not an option available due to their contractual agreements and the likes. The other alternative is to have a private judge (or a tribunal) with specialist knowledge or experienced in resolving the complex disputes. Here the private judge is commonly referred to as an adjudicator or an arbitrator. In their capacity as a private judge, a decision is rendered which is generally binding and parties only control is in the process for conducting the arbitration.

Cher is able to offer her expertise and experience in the field of information technology or information systems in commerce and in the financial services, either in the capacity of a IT dispute consultant or as an arbitrator.

Cher can be appointed by the parties and the appointment must be unilaterally agreed. In this instance she will be acting as an ad-hoc arbitrator which gives the parties flexibility in deciding how and where they want to have the disputes conducted.

Cher is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, CIArb

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