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Why Holistic Solutions?

Cher has worked in many complex technology/software projects which have given her insights into why problems are inherently multi-dimensional. Besides the complex technical aspect there is also the social or human behavioural aspect – the stuff that makes everyone tick and sometimes the tick turns into clank when disagreements breaks out.

Multi-dimensional problems require multi-dimensional solutions. Holistic solutions are designed to address the multi-dimensional aspects of disputes or conflicts.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts- Aristotle, Metaphysica

Cher’s focus is on problems surrounding dispute avoidance and resolution i.e. not contentious litigation. With her commercial and technical expertise, Cher is able to offer more than just a legal approach to dispute resolution.
Moreover, with her alternative dispute resolution skills and qualifications, she is able to add value beyond the confine of law, business and technology.

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Most importantly Cher offers options to avoid costs or courts for your claims, disputes and conflicts.

Although the settlement or resolution is the aim, the holistic approach gives the added value that all parties benefit in more ways than one. The only way to find out is to hire Cher.

You can hire Cher as;

A Dispute Advisor

A Go-Between (Mediation)

A Private Judge (Arbitration)

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