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Hire a mediator or a ‘Go-Between’ when Parties want to be in control of the process

Parties need a ‘Go-Between’, someone who has the ability to deal with the sensitive nature of such disputes whereby the relationships and the essence of the problems are not easy or obvious for parties to address themselves. Moreover, the essence of the problems are not entirely resolvable by rules or laws and requires an approach that a neutral person with the sensitivity and skills to interact, facilitate and help the parties to reach a mutually satisfying outcome.

Cher can offer parties safe and respectful spaces with the opportunity to air or vent their problems and or feelings with the help of Cher as a ‘Go-Between’. As a ‘Go-Between’ Cher is neutral or impartial or independent (neutral) and she does not offer parties solutions but she can offer some structure or process, when this is needed, to help parties to explore and discover solutions which meet their expectations. The spaces are safe as everyone participating will sign an agreement to ensure that confidentiality and privacy are respected by all involved. In her neutral capacity she will only disclose what, when and to whom, by the parties, if they chose to do so or unless compelled by law.

The process and approach is kept simple and flexible with the primary outcome to help parties settle their disputes with minimal delay and costs, and most importantly that the parties can walk away with less personal drama and stress.

This is achievable as the Parties’ solutions can take several forms, not necessarily only financial settlement but can also include other forms of non financial settlements, which are not available within the confine of litigation.Solutions generally turn into acceptance when parties formally signed their agreement to settle, which is then binding.

This approach is commonly referred to as mediation or conciliation. The decision to proceed to mediation is unilaterally agreed unless it is recommended or directed by the court.

Cher is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

and a CIArb accredited Mediator.

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